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By Nicholas Doumanis

It's common for survivors of ethnic detoxing or even genocide to talk nostalgically approximately prior instances of intercommunal concord and brotherhood. After being pushed from their Anatolian homelands, Greek Orthodox refugees insisted that they 'lived good with the Turks', and yearned for the times after they labored and drank espresso jointly, participated in every one other's gala's, or even prayed to an analogous saints. Historians have by no means confirmed critical regard to those thoughts, given the refugees had fled from awful 'ethnic' violence that seemed to replicate deep-seated and pre-existing animosities. Refugee nostalgia appeared natural delusion; probably contrived to reduce the soreness and humiliations of displacement.

Before the Nation argues that there's greater than a grain of fact to those nostalgic traditions. It issues to the truth that intercommunality, a method of daily residing according to the lodging of cultural distinction, used to be a regular and stabilizing characteristic of multi-ethnic societies. Refugee reminiscence and different ethnographic assets supply abundant representation of the ideals and practices linked to intercommunal dwelling, which neighborhood Muslims and Christian groups likened to a standard ethical setting.

Drawing principally from an oral archive containing interviews with over 5000 refugees, Nicholas Doumanis examines the mentalities, cosmologies, and cost platforms as they relate to cultures of coexistence. He additionally rejects the standard assumption that the empire was once destroyed by way of intercommunal hatreds. Doumanis emphasizes the position of state-perpetrated political violence which aimed to create ethnically homogenous areas, and which went a way in remodeling those Anatolians into Greeks and Turks.

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