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Download E-books Transcendence and Self-Transcendence: On God and the Soul (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion) PDF

By Merold Westphal

The query of the transcendence of God has routinely been proposal by way of the adaptation among pantheism, which affirms that God is utterly "within" the realm, and theism, which affirms that God is either "within" and "outside" the area, either immanent and transcendent. opposed to Heidegger’s critique of onto-theology and the final postmodern hindrance for respecting and retaining the variation of the opposite, Merold Westphal seeks to reconsider divine transcendence on the subject of modes of human self-transcendence. Touching upon Spinoza, Hegel, Augustine, Pseudo-Dionysius, Aquinas, Barth, Kierkegaard, Levinas, Derrida, and Marion, Westphal’s paintings facilities round a critique of onto-theology, the significance of alterity, the decentered self, and the self sustaining transcendental ego. Westphal’s phenomenology of religion units this ebook into the most currents of Continental philosophy of faith today.

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