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By Anthony Horowitz

While an research right into a sequence of mysterious deaths leads brokers to an elite prep tuition for rebellious little ones, MI6 assigns Alex Rider to the case. prior to he is aware it, Alex is placing out with the sons of the wealthy and robust, and anything feels incorrect. those former juvenile delinquents have grew to become well-behaved, studious—and identical—overnight. it really is as much as Alex to determine who's masterminding this nefarious plot, ahead of they locate him.

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Regardless of himself, Alex ha d t o appreciate the simplicity of i . t the total buildin g was once a fantasti c field of methods. Alex looke d at his arms. They have been stil filthy. H e had virtually forgotten that he used to be thoroughly covere d in soo . t H e crep tout of the library, tryin g to not depart black footprints at the carpe . t Then he moved quickly again to his room. whilst he cross tthere, he ha d t o remin d himself tha ti twas indee d his room and never the replica flooring above. Bu tthe CD participant was once there, and tha twas what he mos tneede . d H e kne w adequate. It was once time to cal fo rthe cavalry. He presse d the quick Forwa rd button 3 times, then wen tt o take a bath. DELAYING strategies I T used to be RAINING IN LONDON, the so rt of rain tha tseems by no means t o sto . p The early evenin g traffi c used to be huddle d togethe ,r goin g nowhere. Alan Blun twas status on the windo , w lookin g out over the stree ,t while there has been a knock a tthe door. He turne d away almos treluctantly, as though town at its so much dam p an d dismal hel d a few charm for him. Mrs. Jones got here in. She was once carryin g a shee tof pape . r As Blunt sat down behin d his table, he spotted the tw o phrases MOS T URGEN T printe d in re d around the to . p "We've heard from Ale , x " Mrs. Jones sai . d "Oh, definite? " "Smithers gave him a european - ro satel ite transmitte rbuil tinto a transportable CD playe . r Alex sen t a sign t o us this mornin , g a televen twenty-seven hours, his time. " "Meanin g . . ? " "Eithe rhe's in difficulty or h 'es foun d out sufficient for us to head in. both manner, now we have t o pul him ou . t" "I wonde r. . . " Blun tleane d again in his chai ,r dee p in notwithstanding . t As a youn g guy, he ha d won a measure with honors in arithmetic at Cambridge collage. Thirty years later, he stil sa w existence as in basic terms a sequence of complex calculations. "Alex has been at element Blan c for ho w lon ? g " he aske . d "A week. " 'As Irecal , he didn' twan tt o g . o Accordin g t o Sir David Frien , d his habit a tHaverstock Hal used to be, to say the leas ,t delinquent. Di d you kno w that he knocke d ou tFrien ' d s daughter with a stun da ? rt it seems that, he als o pass the rnearly kil e d in an inciden tin a railway tunnel. " Mrs. Jones sa tdown. "Wha tare you sayin , g Alan? " she demande . d "Only tha tAlex is probably not one hundre d percentage trustworthy. " "He sen tthe message. " Mrs. Jones couldn' tkeep the exasperation out of her voice. "For al we kno , w he coul d be in deep trouble. We gave him the machine as an alarm sign, t o le tus kno w if he wanted hel . p he is use d i . t we will' tjus tsit again an d d o nothin . g " "I wasn' tsuggestin g tha . t" Alan Blunt looke d interestingly at his head of operations. "You're no tforming a few type of attachment to Alex experience ,r are you? " he aske . d Mrs. Jones looke d away. "Don' tbe ridiculous. " "You look worrie d approximately him. " "H 'es fourteen years ol , d Alan! H 'e s a chil , d for heaven's sake! " "You use d to have young children. " "Yes. " Mrs.

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